Spoiler Proxy — Network fault simulator

Spoiler Proxy – a microservice testing tool

Spoiler proxy is an open source tool designed for testing distributed environments such as microservice architecture or general application with external network dependencies. You can easily test a microservice architecture and find out problems in your application design.


A distributed application requires careful developer work. What happens when a minor microservice does not respond in time? The combination of network failure, bad software design, and developer error may cause a total system shutdown. And in the worst case, there is a risk of data loss.

Spoiler proxy simulates a bad network state in your safe testing environment. Spoiler proxy is a network failure simulator

Check Spoiler proxy use cases for more information. Spoiler Proxy is must have in distributed environment.

Advantages of Spoiler Proxy:

  • Simulates network and application problems:
    • Slow connection
    • Stuck connection (no reply from server, but still open – very dangerous)
    • No connection
  • Can spoil all TCP connections (HTTP, HTTPS, Database connection, …).
  • Can be easily controlled by web interface for interactive user testing.
  • Can be controlled by REST API for automated testing (JMeter for example).
  • Supports black box testing – just spy network and decide what you want to test.
  • Easy to install – just one file to download and execute.
  • Easy to set up your application for testing via proxychains.

You can download Spoiler proxy. It is free and open source (GNU General Public License v3.0)

Some screenshots.